How to prepare yourself for the retreat.

Necessary stuff.

There are very warm and humid in the jungle. Cloth should be comfortable, made of a thin fabric that dries quickly.

  • Pants, shorts, t-shirts, dresses, sundresses.
  • Swimsuit, swimming trunks.
  • Headgear.
  • Sneakers, sandals.
  • Warm sweater and socks (it is cool at nights)
  • Light jacket or raincoat (optional)
  • Flashlight.
  • Hygiene products (soap and shampoo you could left at home, in the jungle you will have plenty of natural detergents).

Do not take leather or leatherette stuff. In a few days it will be covered with mold.

We will supply you with umbrella and clean rubber boots.

Vaccinations before visit the jungle of the Amazon are optional. But you can consult a doctor.

Diet before retreat

10-14 days before the start of the retreat you need to exclude from your diet:

  • alcohol, drugs
  • meat (except chicken)
  • legumes (including products with soy content, be especially careful with sauces)
  • dairy products
  • citrus fruits
  • coffee, chocolate
  • onion, garlic
  • minimize or completely exclude spices
  • avoid sex

retreat houseDiet during retreat

For safe and deep contact with plants, you need to follow a certain diet. Some plants absolutely do not welcome most of the usual foods or usual methods of cooking.

Diet can be strict ("white" diet) or soft depending on your goals, the duration of the retreat, plants you are using.

For a retreat with Chiric Sanango or Camalonga, a “white” diet is necessary: - 1 type of river fish grilled on coals, and 1 type of boiled vegetable (usually it is a boiled non-sweet banana). This is a traditional shaman diet. This diet contains all the substances and elements necessary for your health.

For a retreat with Ayahuasca, a milder diet is allowed:

  • non predatory river fish
  • boiled vegetables - non sweet banana, yucca, potatoes
  • boiled rice
  • carrot, beet, 1-2 sorts of fruit
  • herbal teas
  • exclude salt, sugar, spices

For sure, there are some individual exceptions to the rules there.

For a soft and smooth exit from the retreat, we supply you with right food.retreat house

Rules while you are staying in the camp.

Home of Ayahuasca is not a tourist recreation area. There is the village by the neighborhood, but the camp is situated in the jungle. The first and basic rule is to be behave differently, which means forget your habits, weaken their influence, and get rid of some of them. Leave all your ideas and expectations outside the camp. This will make you flexible enough for perception of new reality.

During the retreat prohibited:

  • Electronic gadgets (phone, player, computer, e-book, etc.).
  • Contacts with the outer world (family, work, friends). In the moment of your arrival, you will have the opportunity to tell your relatives what is necessary, but during the retreat communications are strictly prohibited.
  • Leave the retreat space. Depending on the program chosen, the space will be limited either by the camp site or by the hut and the area around it. Tours to the jungle will be organized, If necessary.
  • Eating food that is not included in the selected diet.
  • Alcohol, drugs, coffee, cigarettes (at the time of the retreat you will be supplied with natural tobacco for smoking).

Violation of the rules may result interruption of the retreat and transfer to the city within 24 hours. In case of violation of any of the items listed, or leaving the retreat without permission, the paid amount will not be refund.

Conditions of life in the camp:

Single hut with all necessary facilities: bed, table, chair, hammock. Instead of walls - mosquito net. You are protected, but not fenced off from nature.

  • Clean bed linen and towels.
  • Comfortable place for washing, mud procedures and herbal baths in the creek.
  • Food cooked on firewood and charcoal.
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits (if allowed)
  • Minimum communication with staff.