Amazon jungle is the home for Ayahuasca and many other plants of Power. It's one of the most powerful places all over the planet. Amazonian plants of Power could help you to get back natural, wild, energetic joy of existence, which human civilization had lost.

Retreat with plants breaks the vicious circle of routine logical determinism, and opens for you different world, new opportunities and new ways to behave.

Who we are? ayahuasca, ayahuasca retreat

We used to conduct individual retreats with Ayahuasca and other plants in Peru. We have long and successful experience of retreats and interaction with plants of Power.

What are our distinguished features?

The camp "Mariri" practices little-known non-tourist method of direct communication with the plants. This way shamans and healers got their knowledge since ancient times.

This method implies minimum influence of human factor. We provide clean safe space in the jungle. There will be detached cottage there with private bath. We'll supply you with everything you need. While retreat each participant is accompanied by personal instructor. Our instructors are quite experienced in communication with plants. They could show the most effective way to interact with the plant for a particular participant of the retreat.

In order to provide high quality of retreat we had to limit the number of participants, so if you are going to join our program, please make a reservation in advance. An individual approach creates conditions for a more precise your goals achievement.

Retreat allows you to reach a really deep contact with plants and, if desired, you could learn to work with them by yourself.

ayahuasca, ayahuasca retreatAyahuasca Retreat

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Chiric Sanango RetreatChiric Sanango Retreat

Chiric Sanango is not as famous in the Western world as Ayahuasca. Meanwhile, it is no less powerful teacher-plant. Chiric Sanango is the element of fire. On the physical level, he works primarily with the nervous system. Chiric Sanango makes nerves as strong as steel...      read more

Camalonga retreatCamalonga Retreat

The practice of usage this plant lasts from the ancient times. The ancient shamans and healers developed their dreaming body with the help of Camalonga. They taught that a “sleep” is not only the way to relax and avoid problems. They lived an active life in a time of dream, which ...          read more