Retreat with Camalonga - the teacher of dreams

The practice of usage this plant lasts from the ancient times. The ancient shamans and healers developed their dreaming body with the help of Camalonga. They taught that a “sleep” is not only the way to relax and avoid problems.

They lived an active life in a time of dream, which ordinary people just lose. Some people could achieve conscious activity in dreams, but they have not been taught how to manage such activity.

Everyone needs to develop the dreaming body and learn how to manage it. It does not matter, whether you have the experience of conscious dreams, or just dreaming and do not even remember what you dreamed. Lack of control over the body of a dream can lead to serious consequences, such as: body disease, life accidents, frustrations.

How many times have you woken up in a bad mood, exhausted, irritated, etc.? It usually affects mood and actions during all the day: “You got up on the wrong foot.” And what if it lasts through years? Camalonga is one of the few plants that form and strengthen the dreaming body. She requires a self discipline.

One of the requirements is a “white diet”. You could not get attention wander out of control. Sexual activity is not allowed.

Since you get control over your dreams you will be able to extrapolate your experience over consciousness, and get a bonus "side" effect - wisdom and self sufficiency.Camalonga vision - room

The most  effective way to achieve that effect is to practice Camalonga diet in a combination with Ayahuasca, but it is necessary use each one of them in a particular days.

Retreat with Camalonga - very delicate work. Sometimes it seems that nothing is happening. It means that your attention is focused on other things. But as soon as you focus on the action "here and now", you are getting strong feeling of its presence and work inside the body. In a few hours after taking Camalonga, you can feel the changes in your dreams. It becomes colorful, saturated, more realistic. In a short time you could watch a lot of dreams and you will remember all of them easily. All these events mean that you approaching the initial stage of control over the dream body.

Already at the initial stage of a retreat with Camalonga, many people are able to manage their dreams. The secrets of a dream are hard to understand, but you can use their benefits.

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