Master Plants in Peru

The retreat program is individual for each person. In addition to the main leader-plant, retreat includes accompanying plants (if the leader-plant allows). 

Here is a description of some that plants below.

Ayahuasca - the "queen" among the Master plants

Ayahuasca is the most powerful Teacher plant on the planet. It is the foundation of a traditional healing drink that has been used for millennia by indigenous peoples of South America.

It helps overcome physical ailments, psychological problems, and spiritual crises, leading to a deep understanding of oneself and the world. Scientific research has shown that ayahuasca enhances awareness and creative abilities, improves memory and learning capacity, and can effectively alleviate depression, addictions, and psychological traumas. 

An Ayahuasca retreat offers an opportunity to connect with oneself and integrate the changes achieved during the process into everyday life. 

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Chiric Sanango - the Teacher of "steel nerves"

Chiric Sanango is a little-known but incredibly powerful Teacher plant that primarily works with the nervous system. It unravels the knots of nerves, strengthens the body, and helps remove energetic connections to past events.

Chiric Sanango can dismantle neural connections of the psyche and help build fundamentally new connections that lead to mastering the energy body. It is effective in eliminating dependencies, destructive behavioral patterns, and serves as a guide to the energetic Universe.

A retreat with Chiric Sanango provides an opportunity for self-restoration and gaining strength and resilience for both everyday life and journeys into the unknown.

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Camalonga - a guide to the world of dreams

Camalonga is a Teacher plant that helps shape and strengthen the dreaming body, or astral body. Ancient shamans and healers used it to develop the "second body" and learn to control it. Lacking control over the dreaming body can lead to dire consequences such as physical illnesses, complex life situations, and psychological disorders. 

A retreat with Camalonga requires a disciplined approach, but the benefits can change one's life. By taking control of dream attention and developing this skill, one can achieve wisdom and wholeness.

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Amazonian rainforest

San Pedro Cactus - the Master of relationships and telepathy

San Pedro Cactus, also known as Wachuma, has the longest documented history of use in healing, spanning at least 6,000 years.

San Pedro helps establish a relationship with the world, live creatively, find new solutions, and improve emotional intelligence. It teaches harmonious relationships with people and frees one from loneliness. It unlocks telepathic abilities.

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Ajo Sacha - the strongest Teacher of the mind

Ajo Sacha is one of the most powerful plants of Power in the jungle. It detoxifies the body, increases resistance to diseases, and clears the mind, making it calm and clear. It can teach a person how to heal oneself and others using jungle plants and become a forest shaman.

A shamanic retreat with Ajo Sacha is possible for those already familiar with the plant and can last from 1 to 6 months, including complete isolation in the jungle without any social interactions. This retreat is for strong and courageous individuals who wish to immerse themselves in shamanism or healing. 

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Mapacho Sacred Tobacco is a plant of white medicine, a teacher-plant and a powerful healer.

Latino Americans worship, honor and use Mapacho in ceremonies while several millennia.

It can be used in a different ways: smoking, drinking. Mapacho smoke cleanses the energy of man and environment.

Mapacho is an Ayahuasca companion. He has tremendous power to cure many diseases. Mapacho infusion effectively cleanses the physical body, blood, intestines, eliminates parasites, viruses and bacteria, removes blocks, fears, helps to form intent, shows the way.

So to say, Mapacho lets you cross a fine border between the material and the spiritual world.

At the entrance into the retreat we often hold a Mapacho ceremony.

Throughout the retreat, Mapacho is your powerful defender.

The spirit of the Mapacho plant is a strong, powerful man. Element of fire. He leads you into a dream. He makes the dream body flexible and fluid. Everyone meets him through individual unforgettable experience.

Ayahuasca Jungle

Ohe (Oje) is a huge powerful tree growing in the jungle. Locals call him Dr. Oje.

Locals use leaves and sap of the tree for the therapy.

A decoction of the leaves cures malaria and anemia.

A sap cleanses the entire gastrointestinal tract from worms, parasites and pathogenic bacteria. Ohe works not only on the physical level, but also activates your energy.

The purification process takes several hours and may be not very easy. It is necessary to drink 6-8 liters of water. Process is accompanied by diarrhea and vomiting.

All tribes of the Amazon Basin conduct this cleansing ceremony 1-2 times a year.

Singa is an amazing plant.

We often use it at the entrance into the retreat, as one of the stuff cleaning and preparing an organism.

The Sacha Mangua or Singa fruits are edible and useful. But for the therapy locals use only fruit stone. Special drink made of it cure diseases of the ears, throat and nose and traumatic brain injury. The plant energy penetrates to the secret zones and restores the energy flows in the brain.

Singa clears the path to awareness and vision.

Chuchuashi is a giant tree from the Amazonian jungle. Locals call it The Life tree.

Chuchuashi medicine penetrates to the body at the cellular level and restores, revives all the vital centers. Chuchuashi normalizes metabolism and increases the total energy potential. Chuchuashi is the element of the earth. First of all, it straightens the energy flow in the pelvic region, restores communication with the Earth. It normalizes the urogenital system. It cures inflammation and pain in the joints, arthritis, stimulates digestion and increases libido. It also has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, tonic action, improves immunity. Chuchuashi goes well with Ayahuasca. The participants of retreat use it as a tea.

The spirit of Chuchuashi often appears as a very fat woman, bursting with vital energy.

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Ayahuasca jungle

Uña de Gato or Cat's Claw.

This liana has received its name because of thorns looks like cat claws. It is considered a natural antibiotic and very useful. Locals use it as an antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant agent, immuno stimulator and immunomodulator. It has antiseptic, hemostatic effects. Uña de gato increases the organism ability to resist negative effects of the environment, chemistry and radiation, as well as pathogenic microorganisms, parasites. It cures arthritis, myocardial infarction, cancer. Uña de Gato, like Chuchuashi, goes well with Ayahuasca and is used in the process of retreat as a tea.

Murure - a mighty ally, strengthening willpower and the digestive tract

Murure has numerous health benefits, from treating gastrointestinal disorders to strengthening the immune system and supporting self-healing.

Murure provides strength and motivation, enhances willpower, and helps align the energetic flows that shape life events in a favorable manner. This makes it an ideal plant for those seeking to harmonize the material aspects of life and improve overall well-being.

Rapé - sacred snuff tobacco

Rapé, also known as "hapi" or "hape," is a sacred snuff tobacco used in the culture of indigenous peoples of the Amazon. It is prepared from a mixture of finely ground mapacho (a powerful healing plant) and various medicinal herbs.

Rapé is administered through a special pipe and primarily affects the head area, cleansing the nasal passages and relieving headaches. It also has emotional and spiritual benefits, improving focus and fostering a stronger connection with nature and the spiritual realm. Rapé is used both in ayahuasca retreats and in everyday life, helping to sustain and expand spiritual work.

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Herbal baths and mud.

We recommend visitors of our camp not to use household chemicals. You will have several types of therapeutic mud and herbal baths for various purposes. Human skin is the border between physics of organism and energy. This is a huge organ that also plays an important role in interaction with plants. Various herbal baths with the extracts of Amazonia plants open the skin border, sharpening the feelings and perception. Plants remove fears, increase attention and sexual energy. In addition, herbal baths and mud are antiseptic, stimulate skin regeneration, moisturize and protect it.