Ethics: Our Approach to Conducting Retreats

Home of Ayahuasca prioritizes the efficacy and purity of retreats involving Ayahuasca and other Amazonian plants. Our approach to these retreats revolves around a delicate balance between non-interference, protection from external influences, and a personalized approach tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual.

This article aims to shed light on our ethical principles, which are designed to ensure an efficient and safe experience at every step of your plant retreat journey.

1. Non-Intervention and Protection from External Influence

The wisdom of Ayahuasca surpasses any human knowledge, and as such, we adhere to a strict policy of non-interference and protection from external influences. This commitment ensures that your communication with the plant remains pure and shielded from any external disturbances.

Direct Contact with the Plant Medicine

A truly profound experience with genuine transformative changes can only be achieved through direct and unhindered contact with Ayahuasca and other plant medicine. Therefore, during your Ayahuasca ritual, retreat chaperones and other participants refrain from interfering with your communication with the plant. We wholeheartedly encourage you to establish a deep and personal connection with the plant, free from outside influences or distractions.

Individual Experience in Your Personal Space

Throughout the retreat, your individual house serves as your personal space. It is dedicated exclusively to your experience, allowing you to communicate with the Teacher plant on a one-on-one basis. Rest assured, you will not be required to share your space with other members or staff, eliminating any risks of physical, psychological, or energetic interference that may disrupt your experience.

Exclusion of Group Practices and External Influences

At Home of Ayahuasca, we do not host group practices, massages, or any other activities that could introduce external influences. This ensures that everyone can have a pure and unadulterated experience with Ayahuasca, allowing the herbal medicine to guide you on your personal journey. By excluding group activities, we maintain a focus on your own intentions and goals throughout the retreat.

2. Individual Approach

Recognizing that each person's journey is unique, we strive to provide a personalized experience that caters to your specific needs and intentions.

Our retreat chaperones work closely with you to understand your goals, concerns, and preferences. This personalized approach allows us to tailor the selection and dosage of herbal medicine to optimize your experience and support your healing process.

The retreat format is carefully crafted based on your individual needs, striking a harmonious balance between the intensity of the experience and your level of comfort.

3. Transparency

Openness and honesty form the bedrock of any successful relationship, and they are fundamental to the effectiveness of our retreats. We are committed to transparency in all aspects of our activities:

Knowledge Exchange

Home of Ayahuasca provides accurate and reliable information about plants, their uses, therapeutic benefits, services, prices, regulations, and safety. This information is based on our extensive experience with retreats and reputable third-party sources, including scientific research.

During the retreat, we encourage independence and a desire for knowledge, supporting your interest in learning how to cook and work with plants yourself. A deeper understanding of the plants and the preparation process empowers you to interact with them more consciously.

Inclusive Pricing

When you book a retreat with us, the agreed-upon price covers all expenses, from pick-up at the airport to drop-off for your return flight. We do not sell any additional services, consultations, souvenirs, etc. Inclusive pricing ensures transparency and eliminates any hidden costs or surprises during the retreat.

Feedback and Reviews

We value feedback and input from retreat participants, and we actively encourage you to share your experience, feedback, and suggestions with us. Reviews and testimonials from retreat participants are essential in demonstrating the impact of our retreats. Rest assured that all reviews on our website and social networks are genuine.

By sharing your experiences, you contribute to helping others make more informed decisions about their own retreat journeys.

4. Privacy and confidentiality

We hold the privacy and confidentiality of all retreat participants in the highest regard. Personal information is handled with utmost care and is used solely for the necessary purposes related to the retreat. We do not share any personal information with third parties. Your personal information shared before, during, and after the retreat is accessible only to the staff responsible for running the retreat.

5. Respect for Indigenous Traditions

Our work with Ayahuasca is deeply rooted in respect for the local traditions from which it originates. At Home of Ayahuasca, we practice a little-known non-tourist method of deep retreat called "dieta de Plantas Maestras" or "Master Plant Diet." This ancient practice has been used for centuries to train shamans and healers to communicate directly with plants.

We firmly reject any tourist-driven modifications of these sacred traditions. Our approach to herbal retreats aligns with ancestral practices and wisdom, fostering a deep and authentic connection with herbal medicine.

6. Care for the Environment

Respect for nature is ingrained in our philosophy, and we actively contribute to the protection of biodiversity and the Amazonian jungle ecosystem. For more details on our efforts, please refer to the Ecosystem page on our website.

In conclusion, our ethics form the foundation of Home of Ayahuasca's commitment to providing transformative and safe retreat experiences. By prioritizing non-interference, personalized approaches, transparency, privacy, respect for traditions, and environmental care, we ensure that your journey with plant medicine is both enriching and impactful.