Retreat with Chiric Sanango

Chiric Sanango is not as famous in the Western world as Ayahuasca. Meanwhile, it is no less powerful teacher-plant. Chiric Sanango is the element of fire. On the physical level, he works primarily with the nervous system.

Chiric Sanango makes nerves as strong as steel. He forges the human inner kernel, straightens his bones and joints and makes the body stronger. He removes the energy blocking in the ganglia. This process is accompanied by numbers of emotions and conditions - irritability, apathy, boredom, drowsiness, anger, causeless joy, etc. This way a healing works.

At the energetic level, Chiric Sanango normalizes the flows in the body, helps to remove the energetic connections with the events of the past and develops the dream body.

Chiric Sanango is so called a dream plant - it leads people to the awareness of the dreaming body (double, twin, energy body) and teaches how to manage them. He is a conductor to the Energy Universe (“another attention” according to C.Castaneda).Chiric Sanango vision - room

Chiric Sanango, like Ayahuasca, belongs to “white” medicine - this plant always returns a person back.

While retreat they use freshly prepared bark infusion of the root. Drinking the infusion causes physical feelings: lips and ingertips numb, weakness, tingling in the body, staggering. Feeling of chills may appear - this way Sanango chases the cold out of the body. Many people think that the effect of Sanango finishes in a several hours when specific physical symptoms disappear. But Sanango effect is much deeper. His work will continue within a week or more.

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