Ayahuasca retreat

What is Ayahuasca?

Despite numerous researches, scientists have failed so far to explain the Ayahuasca phenomenon. Some countries have banned Ayahuasca, some other countries treat it as a national treasure.
Ayahuasca is the queen of the plants. This is a liana and а drink of the same name.

Depending on the goals, the drink includes several components, but Ayahuasca is the main ingredient and she sets the main direction. The rest of the plants interact with a person specific ways within the direction given by Ayahuasca.

Pure Ayahuasca by her own also has a healing effect and can cause visions.

Ayahuasca can cure every disease. But effect of Ayahuasca substantially depends on the man and his desire to heal his mind and body and to change his life.

How does Ayahuasca work?

The influence of the drink lasts from 2 to 12 hours. It does not depends on the dose. Ayahuasca put the degree of therapeutic effect by herself. Ayahuasca cleans, heals and solve a physical, energetic and psychological problems. Its action is not momentary, but continues for a long time.

Since a person drinks Ayahuasca, he contacts with the spirit of the plant.Ayahuasca vision

Ayahuasca lives and acts within the flow of the Earth power. Earth is the live intelligent organism. The only intention of the Earth is to help a person return "home", realize the reality without "filters", learn to act in accordance with the reality, not the ego.
Since a person enters the energy field of Ayahuasca, its power begins flow through him, deliting every filters which are preventing correct perception of the world. This may be followed:
  • physical body cleansing - vomiting, sweating, diarrhea;
  • changing harmful habits, desires, beliefs, casual actions, emotions;
  • obtaining new knowledge about the body, the world and the universe;
  • learning new ways of life.
The matter of fact, Ayahuasca gives the man energy to correct the irregularities that prevent him from using his own energy. It increase speed of perception, breaks our thought patterns and common vision of the world.

Whether Ayahuasca could harm?

Ayahuasca could not harm any person. She has no such intention at all. Therefore, she has a name 'The teacher-plant' or 'The guide-plant'. She shows the way how to obtain the self awareness and discover on the human nature.

Ayahuasca never acts against the will of man. When a person is in contact with a plant, he always acts consciously.

Ayahuasca cares of you and protects you. They say that even snakes do not bite when a person is under power of Ayahuasca.Ayahuasca room

The plants that complement Ayahuasca are important. Conventionally, plants in shamanism are divided into "white" and "dark" medicine.

"White" medicine leads a person from the moment of taking the plant, through other areas of perception and awareness and always returns him back.

"Dark" medicine leads to other areas, and you have to get back on your own.

A person who is going to contact "dark" plants always should be aware clearly of his goals and whether he has enough energy to get back.

In retreats, we only use Ayahuasca in combinations with “white” plants.

In the camp we always store variety of quality Ayahuasca. We will choose for you the best one that meets your needs.
We do not make a secret from the process of making Ayahuasca brew, on the contrary, while your retreat we will teach you how to make Ayahuasca brew by yourself.

What are the consequences of Ayahuasca retreat?

Ayahuasca retreat causes real physical changes of the body and mind restructuring. A person is passing through some kind of update, offloads needless stuff and looks at life with a fresh look. The most of people who passed through Ayahuasca retreat, feel positive changes in their lives. Significance of the changes depends on whether the person applies the new experience or returns to the old casual way of life.

Do you want to change your life? Otherwise, there is no need to find a way to Ayahuasca. ... Listen to your body and contact us via the CONTACT-US.